The Conquerors Men Meeting
10am (every 4th Saturday)

This meeting is designed to help the men of the ministry stay informed, connected, encouraged and discuss any questions or concerns they may have about the ministry. It is also an opportunity to meet the leaders of the men ministry, fellowship with new brothers coming into the ministry, and explore topics that are unique to men.

Men at Arms

This element are special services division for the ongoing support of our Senior Pastor and Co-Pastor, whenever they are ministering in the Atlanta or surrounding counties. We attend the services to offer spiritual support, prayer and encouragement for our leadership as well as the host church. We also serve when called upon to participate in varies programs designed to help nurture and grow the ministry. It ranges from Evangelism, Outreaches, Big Brothers, Community Projects, and Mentoring Agencies outside of the ministry and Schools.

For more information please contact Elder Ray Gaffney