Q: My incarcerated loved one needs spiritual counsel.  How can I find out what is available in his/her institution or community?

A: The quickest way to find out what resources for spiritual counsel is available in the facility where your loved one is housed is by calling the Chaplain or Volunteer Coordinator and asking what local ministries regularly volunteer in the facility.  You may then contact the ministry directly and request that they visit with your loved one.  Your loved one may also request a visit from the facility chaplain as well. You may also add your love one our prison ministry prayer list.

Q: My loved one needs a Bible.  How can I get one to him/her?
A: Most correctional institutions do not allow books to be sent directly to an inmate unless they are coming from a publisher.  So, it will probably not be possible for you to send your loved one a Bible, however, chaplains often have a supply of Bibles available for inmates who request one. 

Q: Does the Prison Ministry Operate outside prisons?
A: Through partnership with Paul S. Morton Blessed Hands the prison ministry has provided back to school supplies for children of the incarcerated.   Annually during the Christmas season Paul S. Morton Blessed Hands provides gifts to children of inmates incarcerated in Clayton County.

Q: How else does The Prison Ministry minister to incarcerated?
A: The prison ministry also provides a ministry to youth offenders, the most rapidly growing segment of the prison system. Because young people between the ages of 13 and 19 are generally housed in smaller institutions than adult offenders, smaller-sized teams participate in this ministry at DeKalb County Youth Detention Center.

Q: What is the difference between a jail and a prison?

A: A jail is for individuals awaiting trial or serving a short sentence. A jail is run by local government. A prison is run by the state and Federal Bureau of Prisons. It is the final destination for individuals convicted of crimes.

Q: I served time in prison, can I join the Lord of the Harvest Prisons & Jail Ministry?
A: Yes. However you may not be able to attend services/workshops held in certain institutions. 

Q: I have a family member in jail/prison, can I go with the prison ministry to visit them?
A: No. Family members are not allowed to minister in a facility that a family member is incarcerated.

Q: I've never been in jail or prison, can I join the Lord of the Harvest Prisons & Jail Ministry?
A: Yes, if you have the ability to share the love of Jesus Christ

Q: Whom do I contact to join?
A: Email:

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