Our Mission Is To Be A Word-Centered Ministry,  Designed To “Bridge The Gap”
Between Calvary And Pentecost. We Proclaim The Providence, Presence, Purpose
And Power Of God, In A God-Glorifying, Christ-Centered, Holy Ghost-Empowered,
Word-Based, People-Oriented Local Church To Change The World.
Our Mission Is To Reach The “Total Man” With A Unique Blend And A Unique
Balance, As We Worship God In Spirit And In Truth.
Our Mission Is Commissioned By Jesus Christ. In St. Matthew 28:18-20,
With Two Basic Tasks - Evangelism: “Go Ye...” And Edification: “...Teaching
Them To Observe All Things Whatsoever I Have Commanded You.” So We
Gather For Edification - Making Disciples Through Worship And Praise,
Preaching, Instruction, Fellowship And Empowerment;And We Scatter To
Evangelize - Reaching The World With The Claims Of Jesus Christ Into A
Commitment To Him And One Another.
Our Mission Is Accomplished As We Become A Church Of Love, A Church
Committed And Consistent In Our Efforts; Recognizing We Are Family,
Which Means, For All Of Us, Relationship And Accountability.

Church of love, Committed & Consistent
Holy Ghost Empowered
Advancing the Kingdom
Nurturing and Networking
God Glorifying
Evangelizing and Edifying