"Supporting The Worship Services With Excellence"

Our Service Support Ministries (SSM) provide a number of opportunities for you to serve in ministry, grow spiritually, and develop valuable relationships. Each team primarily provides support to the worship services and events throughout the year, all working together to enhance the overall experience of our members and visitors.  Our motto is "One Dream, One Team!"

To learn more about our Service Support Ministries or to join one of our teams, contact the Church Office at (404) 284-8865 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday. 

Explore our SSM and join a TEAM at our next meeting!

Volunteers on this team greet our members and visitors with a warm welcome, distribute our monthly newsletters, serve as host/hostesses for our special events, and provide information to congregants at our welcome desk.

New Members Ministry
Volunteers on this team welcome our new members with open arms and help facilitate the intake process of new members. They also assist with Perfecting Classes and New Member Orientations.   

Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Volunteers on this team keep in contact with our new members once a week for 30 days to assist them in their transition as a new member of Changing A Generation and answer any questions that they may have. 

Volunteers on this team serve as our doorkeepers. They also assist with seating congregants.

Members of this team must be appointed. They assist with offering and communion, and help to maintain an orderly environment during our worship services. They also minister to congregants that have been hospitalized or have lost a loved one.

College of Elders
Members of this team are ordained elders and assist in our worship services as needed as they undergird our Pastor and Co-Pastor.  

Ministerial Alliance
Members of this team are licensed ministers and assist in our worship services as needed.   

Nurses Ministry
Volunteers on this team maintain the health and well-being of our Pastor and Co-Pastor, as well as special guest speakers and artists during our worship services and special events. They also provide appropriate first aid to persons that experience injuries or medical emergencies while attending Changing A Generation Ministries. 

Worship Service Childcare Teachers
Members of this team care for the children of our congregants during our worship services and special events.  They provide a loving environment for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years so parents can enjoy the services.

Signs & Wonders Deaf Ministry
Volunteers of this team provide interpretation for the deaf and hearing impaired during our worship services.

Protectors of the Family-Security Ministry
Members of the team help to provide a safe environment for our congregants. They assist uniformed police officers with traffic in parking lots before and after worship services and special events. They also patrol and monitor the foyers and grounds during the worship services.

Watchmen & Warriors Prayer Ministry

Ministry of Divine Arts and Worship (Click here for more information)