Welcome to the Joseph Generation Youth Ministry

SuperKids, Ages 7 years -12 years
Sister Aelaina Cannon
The vision for CAG Super Kids is to instill a full understanding of the dire significance of our children to be used as a tool for ministering to the nations and changing generations. Psychological research suggests that the human personality and psyche of an individual is fully developed by the age of 7. If a child learns their true power and worth according to God’s Word during those years and that truth becomes embedded, Super Kids are produced. They will begin to know the awesome power and boldness they possess in the spirit, evangelizing, becoming filled with the Holy Spirit, preaching, teaching, prophesying, healing, and operating in the fullness of their gifts at early ages. They will grow up to become mighty men and women of faith, spreading the gospel and changing lives so that the Kingdom of God may be ever glorified.

We must know that our children’s hearts are closest to God and that their faith is so far beyond logic, as they are the least tainted among us by the troubles of this world. Fundamentally speaking, their time of exposure has been limited to the short number of years they have lived thus far. Spiritually speaking, their youth puts them in an awesomely powerful position of unadulterated faith. We want to help nurture and strengthen the faith of our children between the ages of 7-12 to come into the full knowledge and understanding of how their youth automatically places them in a position to be awesomely used of God, so much so that Christ admonished us all to be like them according to Matthew 18: 1-5. They will understand their absolute pricelessness to God, to this world, and to the Kingdom of Heaven as God’s chosen. They will know and function in the truth that each child in their youth, has been called by name and labeled as the greatest among us.

TrendSetters, Ages 11 years - 17 years 
Throughout biblical history, whenever God wanted to Change a Generation or shift into another dimension, He always sent a prophet. This is the case when God selected David through the prophet Samuel in I Samuel 16. This is that generation that will radically change not just their generation but the nation at large. As they gather in unity, nothing can stop them. This is the generation that will destroy the strongholds of the past and declare the victory of the future. This is a generation of prophets that will speak the truth of the Word in all seasons, trusting wholeheartedly in God. As God has been sounding the alarm of change and transition into the next dimension, this is the generation that will create the sound that will awaken a nation of believers. This prophetic generation will set a new trend, standing on the shoulders of God, declaring, proclaiming, foretelling, and forthtelling the mysteries of the Spirit of God in the earth.

All Youth services are on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays at 11am
Youth Word Explosion on Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Youth Overseer
Elder Michelle Steib

Youth Pastors
Elder Addison Canidy and Lady DaNeale Canidy

Super Kids Coordinator
Sister Aelaina Cannon


Financial Assistant
Sister Sharon Hardy

Parent Support Group Coordinator
Dr. Gladys Peoples

Events Coordinator
Sister Daniel Grant

Outreach/Activities Coordinator
Sister Ester Francois

Brother Edward Perry
Janecia Tucker

Sister Takea Bilal

Intake Table 
Sister Debra Kincaid

Email: youth@cagmin.org 

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